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Created on Monday 25 January 2021, 09:42

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    Metabolism of Islands
  • Status
    In Progress
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    Programming work
  • Assigned to
    Paul Hoekman
  • Subscribers
    Aristide Athanassiadis
    Paul Hoekman
    Simron J. Singh

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See how to register number of visitors.

Discussion and updates

New task was created

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Status change: Open → In Progress

I've installed Goaccess. If everything went well, stats should become available tomorrow (it runs once a day). Let's see!

Cool! Curious to see what comes out of it.

Here an update on the website statistics. There is still something to configure server-side as the auto-update didn't work as expected. However, I have run it manually and the statistics for the last few days is available here. (see also CONTROL PANEL > WEBSITE STATISTICS).

I am not yet convinced. What is most interesting I think is to quickly and easily see how many visitors there are, and how those numbers change over time, and which pages/sections are most visited. This is not THAT easily visible, because a) the pages visited includes ALL files that are opened including images etc. which makes it difficult to understand, and b) 'crawlers' (search engines browsing the web for new pages, basically) are also included and muddle the data.

There could be ways around this with this software which I'll look in first. If not, let's try something else.