Data and Urban Metabolism: Data Collection

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Welcome to the Data Collection course! This is the first part in a 3-part series on "Data and Urban Metabolism". Through this course you will be trained to properly undertake the data collection process for research on urban metabolism. Each session explains what type of data is important in contributing to a comprehensive understanding of urban sustainability and resource flows. The course encourages you to learn by practice, and each student selects a city to research and collect data about as the course progresses. By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of the data needed for urban metabolism research and will have developed skills in finding and uploading data for your own city data portal.

The course is free and can be done at your preferred pace. At certain times, Metabolism of Cities will run a moderated version of this course, in which there is live support and online class sessions with a group of participants. If you are interested in this, please contact us at

NOTE: we are currently recording the different segments for this course, and they will be released throughout the month of August 2020, as they are being produced.