Inaugural Board of "Island Industrial Ecology" Section

The "Island Industrial Ecology" (or Island-IE) announces its inaugural board of seven members. Proposed by Simron J. Singh, along with twelve other proponents from various countries, the Island-IE is now one of the seven sections of ISIE. The board members are Simron J. Singh (Chair), John Telesford (Vice-Chair), Bart Van Hoof (Secretary), Dominik Noll (Treasurer), Catalina Spataru (member), Simran Talwar (member), and Bob Paul (member). The member strength of Island-IE is currently over 50.

The Island-IE promotes basic and policy-relevant industrial ecology research on islands to foster a transformation to sustainability. The Section encourages combining transdisciplinary approaches to engage stakeholders for more inclusive resource-use patterns on islands. Section members address issues such as resource self-sufficiency, food, and energy security, sustainable water and nutrient management, (disaster) waste management, resilient infrastructure, and the equitable distribution of costs and benefits of resource-use. Concepts applied include (but not limited to) circular economy, socio-metabolic research, industrial symbiosis, decoupling, life-cycle approaches, citizen science, material recoverability, green infrastructure, and nature-based solutions to enhance system resilience.