UAUCU Student Research Exchange Collected Papers 2022 Published

Every year students from the University of Aruba (UA) and University College Utrecht (UCU) work together on community based research projects for sustainable development in small island states. Their findings are shared with the public during a symposium at the UA and in a book publication. This program started in 2015 and is now in its seventh edition.

The volume (that can be accessed here) includes research reports and personal reflections written by the 2022 participants of the UAUCU student research exchange program. This year’s student- researchers are 17 students from the University of Aruba and Utrecht University, six from UA’s Sustainable Islands through STEM (SISSTEM) program and 11 from UU’s University College Utrecht. They have been working on research in and about Aruba, and supporting each other in that process. Their texts reflect the fundamental aims that the program has had since its inception in 2015: to challenge students to engage actively not only with the content of research, but with each other and the world at large. These challenges, and the rewards of meeting them, are reflected in the personal reflections that contributors to this volume have written as a preface to the summary of their own research.